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About Tamil
Tamil culture expresses itself in its literature, language, cuisine, religion, festivals, architecture and sculptures. The Tamil language is said to be one of the most ancient languages. Rice and legumes hold commonplace in Tamil cuisine. Bharatnatyam, a famous dance form, belongs to Tamil Nadu. Some of the tamils’ most important festivals are pongal, thaipusam, adiperukku, panguni uttiram, and deepavali.

Pongal, which is a harvest festival, is the most celebrated festival in Tamil Nadu. It normally falls on the 13th of January and runs up to the 16th; making it a four-day continuous celebration. It is celebrated to pay homage to the sun god for pouring his energy into agriculture. The people boil the first rice of the season and then offer it to the sun god as gratitude. Lord Indra, who causes rain to happen, is honoured on the first day called Bhogi. On the second day, the people wear traditional clothes known as dhoti kurta. Coconut and sugarcane are also used as offerings to the god and Mattu Pongal, the third day is dedicated to cows. The people buy things such as bells, garlands, and beads for cows and walk them around the village.

Tamil People of India
StateTamil Speakers
Tamil nadu55877441
Madhya pradesh24139
StateTamil Speakers
Andaman & nicobar islands63538
West bengal24053
StateTamil Speakers
Andhra pradesh1362198
Uttar pradesh16620

What Tamil Marriages are Like?
The Tamils perform pre-marriage, during marriage and post-marriage rituals, which glorify this auspicious occasion. Distant relatives are sent the wedding invitations which makes the ambience more cheerful.

The family of bride welcomes the groom when he reaches the bride’s place with his family members and relatives. The pre-marriage customs include worship, fasting, exchange of gifts and Nicchyatharatham – during this, the bride’s family worships lord Ganesha.

The customs which are followed during the marriage are: Kasi yatra – during this, the groom pretends that he does not want to marry and is going to Kasi, the bride’s father then tries to persuade him to marry his daughter; the exchange of garlands – the bride places a garland around the groom’s neck, so does the groom; Oonjal (swing) – the married women stand around the Oonjal and sing traditional songs, and Kanyadaan – the father hands over her daughter with his duties towards her to the groom.

The post-marriage customs include Sammandhi Mariyathai – during this, the members of both families exchange gifts as their love, and after this, the bride leaves her parents’ home. Grihapravesham – during this, the bride’s mother-in-law does an “aarti” to welcome the bride at the main door.

Tamil Marriages carry their unique beautiful fragrance which spreads through their unique rituals and traditions. These marriages may somewhat look simple but are very pleasant. Some of the rituals like Kasi yatra, Oonjal and Kanyadaan have been very significant for ages.

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